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We at Frederick Land & Home…

would consider it a privilege to assist you in the purchase or sale of your home. Our associates have a collective five decades of real estate experience and can also offer guidance with regard to features or upgrades that can be made to improve a property’s marketability and profitability. Call us. We would love to hear from you.


As your buyer agent, we are hyper focused on your needs and wants. We are bound to you with a fiduciary responsibility to ensure the very best possible home-buying transaction.

As your buyer agent, we will…

  • Find the property that is right for you
  • Negotiate all offers–working to ensure that you get the best contract
  • Recommend trusted mortgage brokers, attorneys, and inspectors you may need.
  • Help you overcome obstacles arising from inspections or property appraisals
  • Advise or act as your representative in matters related to historic districts


In selling your home the first and most important task we will do is establishing an accurate listing price for your home. Our pricing will be based on known comparable properties in your neighborhood that have recently sold. The price we establish will represent the best financial outcome–while also being competitive among other properties.

Acting as your representative, we will…

  • Accurately price your home, resulting in the best possible return
  • Provide you with a plan outlining how we will market and sell your property
  • Make recommendations about staging your home
  • Recommend home improvements that will add to the return you receive on the sale–and not just result in quick but less lucrative sale
  • Add your home to the Multiple List Service, viewed by the public and other real estate agents
  • Advertise your home on highly trafficked website and on social media platforms
  • Coordinate showings with prospective buyers and hold productive open house


We provide a wide range of advisory and consulting services to some of the most prominent real estate investors in the country, including developers, REITs, high net-worth individuals, pension fund advisors and other institutions.

Acting as your representative, we will…

  • An asset analysis and opinion of value
  • Property operations analysis
  • Specific asset buy-sell strategy
  • Market and submarket analysis and ranking
  • Portfolio strategy by property type
  • Development and redevelopment feasibility studies