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We offer decades of land sales experience,

including extensive knowledge of more complex planning and zoning issues, which will help to ensure a successful and seamless transaction.

Marketing Your Property

Frederick Land & Home (FLH), formerly Frederick Land Company, employs cutting edge technologies including the latest e-marketing techniques as well as a variety of market tested traditional media, including CoStar, LoopNet, and Bright databases, to broadcast your property to the broadest base of qualified prospects in the least amount of time and with the greatest return. In addition to these marketing vehicles, FLH will develop a comprehensive Property Report to highlight your property’s features and offer a detailed synopsis and overview of its attributes. This Property Report will be presented on so it is instantly available for downloading to the consumer public. FLH stays current with all available financing options as well as zoning and development regulations so that prospective buyers have the most complete data to make an informed purchasing decision. FLH will also document the activity on your property to inform you of the response to the marketing efforts.  This monitoring allows you to reach informed decisions when offers are presented as well as enable you to gauge the effectiveness of the marketing program and/or the need to make any adjustments due to market conditions/trends.  With your permission, FLH will have attractive signage installed to identify the property for sale and maximize its exposure to the marketplace.  In addition, FLH can provide customized “billboard” type signage with property specific illustrations and an on-site brochure/flyer container so that any passing consumer can immediately learn more about the property.

Acting as your representative, we will…

  • Evaluate your property’s competitive market value and develop a listing price,
  • Suggest ways to enhance the property’s market value
  • Include your property on CoStar, the #1 Commercial Real Estate Information exchange
  • Include your property on Bright/MRIS for exposure to local real estate agents
  • Create and marketing kit, both print and electronic
  • Install a site-specific sign on the property (with Owner approval)
  • Follow up via email and phone to all parties that inquire about the property
  • Show the property to all qualified parties
  • Assistance to qualified prospects in obtaining financing
  • Provide necessary transaction forms to prospects
  • Oversight transaction timelines, contingencies and conditions
  • Coordination of settlement of property


As your buyer agent, we’ll learn your real estate needs and goals and show you all such appropriate offerings. In instances when a special zoning exception is needed, we’ll represent you at commission hearings and help you enlist any needed allied professionals such as planners, engineers, and attorneys who can assist in assuring a successful purchase.

Land Improvements

We can assist you through the permitting process of any type of improvement you might want to make in a land acquisition. The costs associated with all such improvements to land are capitalized and can also be depreciated.


As your sales broker, we’ll show you the dynamic possibilities your property offers, making you aware of your property’s current and potential zoning status, qualification for subdivision, governmental procedures required for enactment, and any issues associated with capital gains. Through this process, we’ll correctly position it for sale, market it to the general public and real estate professionals, and help you receive the highest return on your investment.

Investment Sales

We have the expertise to assist you in capitalization and risk analysis, financial feasibility, demographic study, internal rate of return computation and site analysis.